Rezai is among the highly recommended insurance agencies in Chicago with the most reliable insurance services for businesses and families.

Welcome to Rezai Insurance Agency at Worlds's Insurance Inc:

Rezai Insurance Agency, a Better Business Bureau accredited (A+) insurance group headquartered in Chicago, offers a full range of insurance services and consultations for businesses of all types, families and individuals. Our agents are available for onsite consultations and work with business and individuals to design an insurance plan that meets your needs while staying within your desired budget. Rezai holds partnerships with more than 100 high rated insurance companies and national and regional carriers (A and above) - a rare benefit that only our clients receive, enabling them to work with their preferred choice of insurer. Low cost auto plans and higher risk home owner insurance are also available. View More>>

Why You Should Choose Rezai Insurance Agency:

  • Guaranteed coverage is our forte!
  • Unlike company representative agencies that work with one company, we represent and have access to more than 100 insurance carriers and wholesale general agents that offer multiple insurance products.
  • We offer more than 15 types of insurance services for businesses (all sizes), families and individuals, browse through all of our different products and services on the left-hand column.
  • Get instant quotes! [link the quotes]
  • We provide EVERYONE resources to learn more about how insurance works and its terminology so you can be informed! [link to resources] View More >>


Address: 203 North La Salle Street
Suites 2100
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Tel: 773-955-9000 and 312-332-5430
Fax: 773-355-4400

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Rezai Insurance Agency.

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