We notarize signatures, multiple documents, mortgage and real estate files and other legal document files both in office and at the client's location for additional fee. Please call first to make sure there will be someone to serve you in advance. Prior to notarization we recommend at least 24 hours notification for off site notary services.

What can you bring with?
A valid ID card, Passport, a picture ID that legally proves the signer's identity. Anyone with proper signature must show proof of identity or we are not going to notarize the document/s. Please do not sign in advance.

Please call the office for the best suited way for you to make the payment. J. P. Morgan Chase Bank via QuickPay or stop in bank cash deposit or by Paypal, visa, Master Card, American express or Discover cards. Cashier's checks and money orders are also acceptable.non cash payments have a minimum of $50.00 charge

Notary Payment

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