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Rezai Insurance will find you the most beneficial health insurance for you and your family, but it's important to be aware of basic information before purchasing health insurance. The information we provided for you below can be found on III, a website dedicated to educating the public about insurance.

Types of Health Insurance
There are three types of health care insurance plans: Indemnity Plans; Managed Care Options; and Government-sponsored Health Insurance. There is no one "best" plan for everyone. Some plans are better than others for your or your family's health care needs, but no one plan will pay for all the costs associated with your medical care.

  1. Indemnity Plans
  2. Indemnity plans are fee-for-service plans, meaning you choose your doctor or hospital and pay out-of-pocket any fees incurred from services not written in your policy. These plans tend to have higher premiums because you have the freedom to venture outside of health networks.

  3. Managed Care Option
  4. Members have to choose doctors inside their health plan's network or else pay more (up to the full amount) for services. These plans tend to be more affordable than the bunch; members often need a referral to see a special doctor.

  5. Government-sponsored Health Insurance
  6. Government insurance programs are typically aimed to aid low-income families and individuals, senior citizens, military officers and Indian Americans.

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