Long Term Life Insurance

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It is important to make sure the people we love are taken care of in the event that something does happen. Getting life insurance ensures that there is money available to maintain finances and stability for those you’ve left behind. You’ll feel better knowing the ones you love will be able to continue their lives without financial disruption. Life insurance is one more asset your family can count on.

What is life insurance?
Life insurance is a contract between you and the insurer. The insurer agrees to pay a predetermined sum of money in the event of the insured individual's death or other event, such as terminal or critical illness. The insured person makes payments periodically, which is determined by the specific policy.

What types of life insurance are available?
There are two main types: Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance:

1. Permanent life insurance is designed to last a lifetime. There are two types of permanent life insurance: Whole life and Universal life.
2. Another type of life insurance is called Term life insurance. This form of insurance can vary greatly in the length of coverage, anywhere from one to thirty years.

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