Medicare Supplement

Medigap policies provide Medicare supplement insurance and are only an option when you become eligible for Medicare. Medicare supplement insurance plans can assist in paying costs over and above what Original Medicare covers. There are a number of Medicare options and some of them preclude the need for supplemental coverage so be sure to assess your coverage.*

More on Medigap Policies

Medigap policies can help pay your share (coinsurance, copayments, or deductibles) of the costs of Medicare-covered services. Some Medigap policies also cover certain benefits Original Medicare doesn't cover. Medigap policies don't cover your share of the costs under other types of health coverage, including Medicare Advantage Plans, stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, employer/union group health coverage, Medicaid, Veterans Administration (VA) benefits, or TRICARE. Insurance companies generally can't sell you a Medigap policy if you have coverage through Medicaid or a Medicare Advantage Plan.**


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