Motorcycle Insurance

Every state requires mandatory property damage and bodily injury coverage to be purchased for motorcycles. The amount of coverage varies from state to state, so feel free to ask one of our agents what kind of coverage is required in your area.* You may want to consider adding additional coverage to your insurance plan such as collision or OTC coverage.

*Resource: Visit Illinois Department of Insurance

Most Common Types of Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance: covers costs in case you injure or cause the death of another person.

Property Damage Liability Insurance: covers costs in the event that you cause damage or destroy another vehicle or other property.

Collision Coverage: an optional coverage that most people place on their insurance policy if your motorcycle is damaged or destroyed by hitting another vehicle; this coverage also pays for damage if you hit an immobile object such as a pole or a tree.

OTC Coverage: (Other Than Collision) otherwise known as comprehensive coverage, OTC pays to fix your vehicle if it has acquired damage from fire, vandalism, weather (i.e. flood/hail/earthquake), or theft.

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